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02-21-2010, 11:02 AM
Originally Posted by K-Tar
I made a similar post in open beta. There it was actually worse because every second Romulan there said something like "I'm just a doctor but I'm going to defend this place." I asked that we either get a choice or the information from the computer, the lines of the Romulans before the commander are taken out and Zelle's warmongering is toned down, so that it is actually believable that she tricked me into that. Well, as far as I could tell when I played the mission again they took out the text of the Romulans....

To the guy who complains about City on the Edge of Never: It's not derived from the TOS-episode. It's a tribute to three series, the Guardian is in there because it's a sentient time-travel device. If the Klingons would have used the slingshot maneuver to travel through time the Federation would've been done for, so it just fit well into the concept. It has NOTHING to do with Edith Keeler or timeline preservation through letting people you like die and doesn't claim to. In fact it is pure genius how the episode fits into Star Trek canon.
I didn't do this mission in beta but if I saw text like that, it would have been an even bigger let down.

I agree completely, City on the Edge of Never was cleverly scripted, well thought out and as true to
Star Trek cannon as is possible. It remains my favourite mission/spisode besting State of Q by a hair.

Now if they would/could somehow get William Shatner, Brent Spiner, Marina Sirtis, Dwight Schultz and John de Lancie to provide voice overs then this game would really shine.

If it meant securing their voices for a minimum of 10 missions/episodes per year, I'd pony up another $20
for each year they agree to it.