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02-21-2010, 12:39 PM
Originally Posted by Andrys View Post
Cite the exact page(s) that have info regarding the major issues with the game, timelines for correcting it, and addresses what both reviewers and players are saying is a major lack of polish and content.

Sorry, I meant "zero substantive communications". Cryptic is notorious for having "we're working on it" posts that provide nothing. They are then forced only by a player revolt (i.e. CO paid expansion) into reversing their decision. We should not have to all revolt against something to make sure it is fixed and working properly.

That's what a beta is for. Bioware is an example of not releasing a game until it is polished. Sure there are patches, not daily and they make sure the game is COMPLETE.

And you sir have no clue as to how software publishing works. The publisher decides when to launch a game... not the software developer. But hey, I guess it is easy to point the finger at the wrong people.