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02-21-2010, 11:43 AM
Originally Posted by Lawkill View Post
Right, this doesn't even remotely address the concerns reviewers and players have voiced about the following:

- Repetitive; simplistic; very little incentive to advance.

- Ground combat is a clumsy disaster Most battles aren't tense or exciting because they're far too easy Shallow, disjointed exploration Missions are repetitive and poorly written.;read-review

etc. BTW, I hate these two sites for reviews but that doesn't mean I don't think they are spot on here.

Those are MAJOR issues regarding the state of the game being unpolished, beta-quality, and content lacking. These are almost exactly the same problems found in CO, and one that they are now facing a massive player revolt and people leaving in droves.

I appreciate the link and I've seen that. Yes, it does consolidate the minor gameplay issues themselves. But this is regarding the game system as a whole and whether it was ready for launch in a time where they are in a market with 10+ year MMO licenses.

The number one biggest problem with Cryptic: They honestly believe they can create these licenses ALONE.

They have done it with Champions, where they have over 25+ years of source material to use and they come into a launch with almost nothing. They have not seriously enlisted the writing staff of the game system and sourcebooks throughout the process.

This is even WORSE with STO: there is NO ST series in production at this time. HUNDREDS of writers are out of work or working on non-ST projects. WHY would they settle for not enlisting their help, the help of folks from Starfleet Battles, and other systems only to use VOICES? Reason: they rush projects and they are CHEAP. Well, when the customers leave the game their "investment" shows it all.

Does anyone really believe this game was ready for launch?