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02-21-2010, 11:50 AM
The Ask:Cryptic thing was weak at best. No definitive answer on when the skill system will be overhauled. The OP's head scratching comes from looking at a capped system that was designed to be capless. Ships, skills, skill points, Boff's, character slots, Boff slots, etc. were all designed to be in a capless system. Now, we are told we can do all this stuff and it makes no sense to the player and is a dead end like the OP stated.

Holy crap, I can just invest points into my Boff's and develop them. Doesn't work. Right now, all my Boff slots are filled with all available skills I really want at 9. What now? I have to delete an officer to make room for another. And why would I do that when I've got all my Boffs developed.

The sad part, is people just eat this **** right up.