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02-21-2010, 11:55 AM
in case you missed it, there's a handy link to the post where a player is compiling all the dev responses on key issues in my sig.

as for giving definative dates for key points.. lets say they put a post out saying "klingon PvE will be in by end of march" and the end of march comes around and its not ready for any one of a thousand reasons (poor AI, bugged maps, objectives not completing properly etc)

what do they do? do they release it anyway so they've met that "promise" and have the forums flood with a thousand angry people at the state of the content? or do they hold it off and say "sorry, its not quite ready yet" and have the forums flood with a thousand angry people at the fact that they SAID it'd be in by then?

there are many things in life you cant put a deadline on, or should i say you SHOULDNT put a deadline on. programming is one of those things. you never know how it'll pan out exactly until you compile it and run it once you think you're finished, and once you do that you dont know how long it'll take to locate the exact parameter thats screwing up and causing the issues you're seeing... why did STO launch with problems? because the publisher, under pressure from the owners of the IP, put a deadline on it..

so no, i for one wont be pushing devs for a definative date for anything they've said will be put in, instead i'll be keeping my eyes on what has been said and what gets delivered.. and if something looks like its being pushed aside or forgotten its up to us as a community to ask if its still being worked on and to push for an answer to that question, not a when.

All MMO's have a drop off of substantial numbers after the first month, as long as a game retains enough subs to keep it viable and keeps them long enough to keep the new content coming it'll do fine.. and with an IP like this as long as the game gets to its first major expansion, then that expansion is likely to be advertised and put the game back in people's minds.. some of those first month drop offs may even come back to give it a second look and if the issues that had them leave in the first place are fixed, they're likely to stay.