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02-21-2010, 12:16 PM
Originally Posted by Pawnzerd
I am so waiting to get rid of all the whiners and noobs.
If posting your concers about issues with STO is being a whiner, then I would like to see more whiners so Cryptics knows what they need to change.

Also, I think we all fall in to the noob title seeing as how this game has only been live for a few weeks.

Honsestly, if you like this game in it's current state than I guess you would be happy if people no longer complained. I had high hopes for this game and am not pleased with the current product vs what has been talked about by Cryptic as far back as 2008.

Cryptic has my list of concerns, I only hope they continue to work hard and develope this game. Once some more content is added for all grades I'll venture in to this game again. As of now, i do not enjoy the fact I am only given 2 missions per grade. I have to then grind out 3/4 of that grade to advace to the next grade only to be given 2 missions for that grade. And no, I did not skip any missions including fleet actions. Only thing I have never done is PvP and I shouldn't have to PvP to level.