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02-21-2010, 12:19 PM
Originally Posted by tovarish22 View Post
They've actually addressed quite a few concerns: server stability, server queus, problems with pre-order items, fixing graphical errors and revising confusing/misplaced mission text.

Just because they haven't fixed the issue YOU feel is most pressing doesn't mean they haven't fixed any at alll.
WoW, they made progress on the things that should have been working from day one? All hail Crytpic. LOL. Seriously, the lack of any real movement with the game portends what people should already know about Crytpic games - they are small, simplistic, and all about the box sales. This game is currently 95% or so of what it will ever be, if that is good enough for your $15 a month then go ahead - if not move along.