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Sorry guys the first time I posted this was in UI but I think makes more sense here.

First I would like to say that this is my first post and I have purchased a 1 year to allow this game to develop (have had lots of fun but will eventually require more). I though I would list my suggestions. Please bear in mind some of these have been repeated and some are tweaked by me. I have played since Closed beta and am not trying to flame a good work in progress (hey its still new). I do however hope to see some of these feature added and will put a * next to ones I think are most important. Feel free to let me know what you approve or want to change and what should be dissmissed. Ok here goes....

1. Ships
A. Explore the whole ship: I would like to see my ships interior (and diff interiors for each class and tier). * Not only this but I strongly feel that we should have quests on our ship. There are many great episodes of Star Trek series where they never leave the ship. I think this would add more interesting ground game play and would make your ship more a character in the experience.
I also think we should be able to access all features of the starbase (minus bank and auction) in the ship. Accessing your Captains quarters to see acolades, and change your outfit would be a nice plus

B. Holodeck. I had a mission on one that was realfun and would like to see more but:
* I think we should have holodecks on our ships (mayby tier 3 and above). I think we should be able to use these holodecks to test ground and space weapons, abilities and tactics. Instead of testing in mission it would be nice to test my configurations against holo enemies. I really really want this feature

C. More parts and paint options (*especially Klingons!). I would like to see more cutomization of our ships (which is seen the most in game) I get tired of seeing ships almost identical to mine and feel just another premade configuration (I use diff parts but run into a clone usually 1 every 2 days) I have never seen an exact of my character however. Orion and Gorn ships for KDF would be really nice.
D. (I know this will never happen but can allways dream) Give me the Enterprise D from all good things. I do not care if it is the last tier ship or if its equal to all other ships in class and cant go warp 15 its just soooo cool looking.
E. Allow saucer sepperation even if its just an ability and you cant control the saucer (Like Saucer sepperates and warps out and your ships gains manueverability for a little bit, then the saucer warps back in)
2. Quests
A. Holodeck/Ship interior quests. Kinda mentioned above but worth repeating
B. Patrol quests need a smaller cooldown (nuff said)
C. More quests in general (I would like to have options and not have to do all sector quests, grind patrols, or do pvp to get to next rank)
D. Ship specific quests (Science, Cruiser, Escort) I would like quests that only one type of ship can accomplish. I wouldnt mind sharing quests with ships outside of the class but the inital quest should be granted to the specific class and the reward should reflect the class too.
E. More variety on ground including weather, time, different sceneray, animal etc.
F. More voices if possible and a different looked when being hailed (or some sound queue). A computer reader option in game would be nice and could be looked at as the ships computer.
G. More Klingon quests and areas. Mayby a line of zones on the other side of Federation/ Romulan space. The ability to have quests in new areas and be able to travel would be nice.
H. Quests with Klingons and Federation teaming up (just for the quest)
3. Characters
A. Crafting not trading anomalies for upgrades to whites:
*I would like to see each class craft thier own items and weapons. something like this:
Engineer Capatin = can craft Engineering console, Engines and Batteries (better than dropped)
Science Captain = can craft Science consoles, Shield and Deflectors
Tactical Captain = can craft tactical consoles, and weapons
You could also have them craft appropriate ground supplies too. I think this is needed to improve trading and group effort
B. Bring back the full customization of characters in beta. I dont know if this is a ploy to sell more cryptic points but I miss alot of the customization of the characters (like using any alien feature ex. no nausican teeth on non nausicans) I also miss having my character have the game (cool feature and throwback to classic tng episdoe)
C. ******* (I think u get my point) Some sort of Respec option that will not involve crytic points. I will be happy to pay ingame credits but not my own cash.
D. * Contests for bios. Lets reward those who took the time to really flesh out thier characters.
E. Make Enisgn a full rank and start as cadet (This would automatically free up a new ship class).

4. **Warning** PVP This might cause some arguements and please understand this is just my personal opinion

A. * Have Dual Banks not count as beams for reverse shield polarity or increase the cooldown and decrease how long it lasts (Here lately this has seriously affected my PVP experience as only Fed escorts can equip cannons at tier4) I need some option (besides turrets) that I can hit a BOP after i see them do this. Mayby we can have a reverse beam pattern to be immune to this buff. I think we are going to see most serious pvps only use escorts if this continues (and I like my science ship).
B. * Make camping in pvp harder. On the map where you beam the assault team I have found Fed are usually outnumbered and the Klingons will camp the base and kill as the Feds spawn. This can make a worthless no fun pvp match for feds.
C. Federation cloaking (Now this might make some people mad) Not all classes but some, If the Klingons are at war with the feds and the Romulans are no longer around the Federation should have no restrictions in make a cloaking device. (They were making a really cool one in TNG). Mayby a last tier escort or Science ship with a cloaking device.
D.* Toggled powerhue options (I know this has been stated before but is my opinion and Feds using Disrupters isnt cannon either) Give us the options to color our beams and explosions again. Have people able to turn it off and only explosions show customer hues in pvp. I really miss this and think we could make all parties happy if its toggled off by default.
E. **** More pvp options. How about a capture the flag pvp match (Have each side have a base with an experimental new ship {no weapons on ship} the object is to beam down to the ship and take it to you base. Random maps for pvp (or more maps) would be a big plus. I am TIRED of seeing cracked planetoid. Also how about a pvp match that has both ground and space. Like capture stations by beaming down and taking over (You could have your ship dissapear or waiting for it to respawn after completion [where you would resawn at ur base to avoid camping]).
F. Large scale pvp (how about a space pvp version of a fleet option).
G. The ability to join more queues than 3 (please help us improve queue times and waits too) Also it would be nice for our quests to remember specifically where we were in a quest before leaving to pvp. I dont like debating pvp or redoing a full quest.

F. PvP titles (nuff said)

Things that I cant wait for that Cyptic has said or at least hinter and how I would improve
1. Factions
A. More of them and have pvp with all factions involved.
B. Mercenairies
C. ** Romulans and Terran Fedearation (watch your back captain)
2. Free explore and name systems (let me pick a direction and go)
3. More non combat quests and goals (exploring clusters can get tedious aka fight, scan, or give item to planet [which is most lame])

Thats all for now. Please let me know if you agree and approve. Together we can keep this game good and keep playing a game that keeps our interest past Admiral

Thank you so much for reading this.