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# 424 Brevity is a dying Art
02-21-2010, 04:01 PM
The Gettysburg Address was the last Full measure of political brevity.. Stormshade is great..

If i were in MArketing.. I would say This is and ain't you're daddies Trek..
Things you wont get in the Game A Tribble feather Duster.. things you will find .. Passion for fun and Honour in battle.

But no 14 day Trial.....

I prefer a longer courtship then a open beta week.. not that i mind being a stress test guinea pig.. you understand.. I just am old fashioned that way. Taldren had what two weeks of working cohesive preview for Star Fleet Command.. That helped establish the major working fleets on the project.

With years gaping Mplayer Gamespy demographic For fleets StarFleet Command still had many web sites but the groups had diversified into other On-Line persistent models. Reclaiming that market took all of your awareness moves to visit Cons. Reclaiming markets disappointed w Multi Player Limitations of the last few TRek Products takes a longer Trial period to fit a working schedule then even a nice flexible Open Beta Schedule allows.