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I really would like to know what cryptic was actually thinking.
That the tractor beam should be a science skill makes no sense, if anything it should be an engineering skill, though i personally think it should be a basic ability for everyone.

I mean really, how often does the captain direct a science officer to lock a tractor beam on a target, or to adjust the beam properly when a ship is trying to break free?
The repulsor beam in STO using the tractor system is also a science skill, yet it was in a TNG episode it was first shown and all the modifications and adjustments were done from engineering(by Wesley)
And it was also B'Elanna Torres, Voyager's chief engineer, who came up with the idea of setting up a subspace tractor beam to cut through subspace interference in the episode "parralax"

So if anything Star Trek just goes on to prove that tractor beams are an engineers toy, not a scientists.
As such i think cryptic should seriously consider moving over the tractor beam skills to the engineers instead of the scientists.
It in fact makes even more sense to do so, considering that right now science has the greatest diversity of powers while engineering has very little.
And i definatley think the most basic "Tractor Beam I" should be a standard for all starships T2 and up.