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Hiya just wanted to state that WM is the most annoying ground combat skill to face as it lasts way to long.
14 to 20 odd seconds of no shooting is ridiculous.

Had some really good battles in pvp only to be ruined by one guy who just continued to use this on cooldown. i am tact and rely on firepower and nades which i cant do if im perma weapon malfunctioned.
I was getting like 5secs max before iwas forced to run away or look ike a goof spamming weapon butt
for 20sec omg its annoying.

I dunno about others but this skill is a game breaker for me on ground its soo dam annoying and if theres a counter for it no teammate has removed it yet. Reduce duration imo its too long otherwise everytime i get a weapon mal spam user im just gonna leave.