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02-21-2010, 05:42 PM
Originally Posted by RedSunBird View Post
The only reason I can think of for anyone to make a post like this is because they are really, really concerned with everyone being informed of their opinion. I'm just informing them that I read their post and they have gotten the attention they seem to crave so much.

"Trolling" seems to mean whatever the person using the word wants it to mean. I'm not attempting to agitate people or start fights or drama, so I don't consider myself to be trolling. You obviously think differently, however.

So why do you never duly note the posts casting STO in a positive light?

Seems kind of rude that your only "duly noting" posts you disagree with.

Of course, you knew that already, I just wanted it to be as glaringly obvious to everyone else as it was to me.

Thanks for proving my point.