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02-21-2010, 05:53 PM
Originally Posted by Tanagrah
Judging by your comment I would have to guess this is your first mmo. You see a mmo vet can see that this game is totally flawed, it's not about bugs or gloss, it's about core gameplay.
Ok we going to do this?

Every mmo I have played in the last say 5 years it has had it's whiners,either about it's end game or the content to reach end game.

Now this always happens in the 1st month of release,it can also be about it's quest system.

All mmo's have there whiners saying the quest system is simply "go kill X amount of this" or "go and investigate this"

Yet people whine at release,I have yet to come across an mmo in my near 10 years of playing them that released with full content....and I know I never will.
Save me the "any mmo vet can see" nonsense as any mmo vet will see this as an mmo release.

The game core is there,it needs work and of course needs content,hell any mmo out for 8 years still needs content patching to keep its base.

With all this whining if they did ever release an mmo with all the content it will ever need I am sure players would whine"why do I pay for this when you never add new content"