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02-21-2010, 07:04 PM
Originally Posted by Pliskin View Post
I'm going to have to disagree with many of your points. Many of the story missions are downright stellar fun. I definitely wouldn't call them shallow and poorly written.

Secondly, I wasn't aware you were a paying customer yet. Last I knew, the 30-days wasn't up yet....

Thirdly, I honestly can't say the game launched with any less content from the previous MMO's I've participated in at launch. I get the distinct impression you haven't played many MMO's. I could be wrong however.
First, the story is best described as hackneyed, they use a poorly defined "war" which is used as a justification for everything, and ignore forty years of Star Trek as a series in favor of "shoot first, shoot second, forget trying to figure out if it's necessary" script writing. Many of the missions reflect a distinct lack of consideration for the history and attitudes of the Star Trek franchise, as evidenced in missions where the player, playing the role of a Starfleet Officer is pushed into slaughter and murder to accomplish a series of trite and cliche' goals.

I am unimpressed. Quite a few people are flat out -angry- by the use of the Star Trek name in conjunction with a mediocre plot.

Second, the moment he/she picked up the game, paying retail price for the disc or download, he/she was a paying customer, and you are ignorant to suggest otherwise.

Third, I've never picked up an MMO in my life -at launch- where I could be done with all of their content in less than a month's time, and I have played everything from cheap Korean grinders to the two biggest names in the history of the genre.