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02-21-2010, 06:13 PM
Originally Posted by Raymond_Burg
Well, congratulations. A major sci fi franchise with decades of content and resources has been pared down into a mediocre, arcade-like, repetitive shadow of what it could have been (can only guess, since this game is so empty its hard to imagine an alternative)

Have made it to Captain 9, and find myself just logging off mid mission because, this is strange, i've done this mission already, several times actually. Exploration is just the same basic missions with no change. The variations in scenery fooled me for a few weeks, but in the end the only way to fill games between story missions (shallow and poorly written "story" missions) is to grind exploration/fleet action/enemy contacts, or grind the pointless pvp for almost no reward.

Started a Klingon and got him to Lt commander 7, but its even worse over there. Can only grind the Khaless expanse so many times. Endless, pointless pvp for a pittance worth of skill points and badges that give you mediocre weapons aren't cutting it anymore.

I tried to like this, have been trying since OB, but this game is going absolutely nowhere fast and I can't keep pretending like it will be good anymore.

Paying customer, out.
Started a klingon, just shy of commander and its a GRIND, iv played korean mmo and its nothing like that bad but.... I dunno its mindless, pvp pvp pvp pvp and the rewards for 20 mins sweating it out putting up with the smack talk 100sp 130 sp.... Im going to bed