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02-21-2010, 08:37 PM
I don't wtf pwn anyone and like others i have to get an expose, line up an exploit etc and if they are moving nades are average. Nades are only really good for blowing up all those fabrications on the ground blocking us from you. To a player its just a small annoying dot which will result in death if you stand in it for the full duration or dont get a heal.
I have really even battles in group and 1v1 it goes either way. Against different opponents sometimes i win sometimes they win its very balanced their imo except anyone that uses mal just chucks it on me and has 20seconds to do whateva they want whilst im helpless and the graphic is so obvious everyone then wants a peice lol.

5 sec stuns holds all that cc is fine and gives them ample time to use some skills and try and expose exploit .
20 sec malfunction wtf am i suppost to do for 20secs??
and that gives them 20 secs to try and retry all their expose and exploits 3times at least which is far too long.
almost every mal ive had chucked on me results in exploit death because they have forever to chuck exposes on me whilst im trying to run away.

Chance on WM on weapons is 5 secs fair enough
WM skill imo should be 10 sec no longer that is a long time
there is cc and then there is overpowered cc

When i finally beet someone that has WM'd me for the full duration then i will stop the whinge but as it stands i cant do anything and am dead before the duration ends over and over. I dont expect to win all the time but i also dont expect to loose everytime because of one skill.

im sticking with my guns
Nerf WM to 10secs.