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02-21-2010, 08:16 PM
this is my only gripe about the game at the moment, as the server instability issues seem to have been fixed (for the moment)

BOs need a thorough fix, since the devs said fixing the getting stuck issue isn't just a simple change of code and requires a more lengthy process. bridge officers, or more precisely, members of your away team that are npcs, need to stop spamming abilities out of combat on away missions, though my main issue with them is their apparent inability to follow their captain (player).

i also wish they would auto-attack destructible objects that are important to a ground mission, such as a door you have to blow open, a console you have to destroy, or crates, etc, instead of targeting the object and then manually ordering your team to attack it. it would make things a lot simpler, but i'm fine with it either way to be honest.

Originally Posted by Gillysan
The only time my Tact Officers use Lunge or Leg Sweep is if I click on their dam power button. It looks at this time as melee powers on BO is a total waste of points.
not sure about lunge, but my tactical officer has used leg sweep on occasion with no problems. seems like the only way it works is for tactical officers to be within melee range of an enemy (or, for an enemy to be near them)

speaking in general of attacking, though, when my away team attacks, there's been a few (although possibly rare) times where they've performed admirably. in those moments, i've seen them dispatch enemies with such ease that the battle is over a minute after it began, or less. (i'm not sure how long battles usually take against 5 or 6 enemies as i've never really paid attention to the time it took, but i'd definitely say shorter than it usually takes)