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02-21-2010, 10:40 PM
I would like to see something like Alterac Valley stolen from WoW and put into STO.

This should be a very large instance with 25 to 45 on each faction team. You would start out in orbit around your faction's planet. On the planet would be a base with multiple NPC's and your leader. The object would be to kill the opposition's leader.

Once a game started, you would have many objectives in the space between your planet and the other faction's planet. There could be neutral enemy NPC's controlling many res spots that you need to control so you respawn here instead of back at your home planet when you die.

There should also be moons, asteroids and space stations to control along the way.You would have to beam down to each to clear all the enemy NPC's to control them. Each would give your faction some kind of bonus. A regen bonus or power bonus. As well as places to take control of defense areas that fire on the non-controlling faction. These spots could be taken by either side or switched if you stay there for x amount of time after killing the NPC's.

Once you reach the other factions planet. There would be enemy NPC's as well as Players to fight through like fleet actions. You would have to get close enough to the planet to beam down. Then fight your way to respawn points and finally the base to kill the leader.

This could translate well for STO PvP. These would be long fights that could continue till there is a winner. Objectives of some kind along with the PvP is much more fun than just PvP IMHO.