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02-21-2010, 10:07 PM
I had a thought something like this awhile ago. More in general terms though it probably would fit with your idea pretty well.

was basing it more off how Warhammer Online worked
That there would be open pvp sectors with control points scattered around it. As you fly to them opposite faction players could show up as enemy contacts on the main map and you could chase one or evade them like you do with the NPC ones.

Then when you get to a control point on the sector map it leads to an open instance like a fleet action for both sides. to fight over something like a planet or a starbase that people have to be and defend or attack for X amount of time.

IE: Lets say in Klingon space Feds would have whatever minutes to destroy a starbase in a fleet-action kind of thing while klingons coming in will get the 'defend the base' Afterwards it'll have a reset to give people time to join in on the other points. Longer reset on the more important ones shorter on the easier ones

So there would be a progression. On the big sector map the different actions are only unlocked in order.

I imagine something like four 'outposts' in a sector then two starbases then the one capital planet. Like one side successively taking an outpost unlocks one of the starbases and then after one of the starbases is completed then the planet is up for grabs and once the planet taken the whole sector flipped.

I figure as incentive maybe successful defends increases the strength of a point or make it take longer to be captured? Or increases a sector bonus or whatever reward you would like to use.