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I just wanted to give this thread an update as I've noticed some tweaks to the A.I. a bit (it helps that I took a week off from the game and gave cryptic a chance to patch and me some time to not be so nit-picky).

I've now noticed that my bat'leth wielding BOff seems a bit more gungho about actually mixing it up in the fray, still not exactly the rampant slice and dice I'd like to see but what do you expect out of someone bringing a knife to a phaser fight.

I originally had it set up with sweep leg, draw fire, lunge, and accelerate (in that order). Once the tweaks were made, this did seem to make it a lot more useful as it actually attacked. I had hoped that draw fire would get the BOff to draw aggro and therefore want to attack - this wasn't originally so, even with slapping it with a drone (yes, I'm an engineer) to further it's aggro potential. Now it seems to charge in a take repeated swipes with the bat'leth and - much to my surprise - use things like leg sweep and lunge without being prompted to do so.

Feeling adventurous, I rebuilt it again (not much else to do with all those points now that I'm RA), specifically back to my original concept substituting draw fire and accelerate with stealth and ambush. I even built a second one to assist this one with leg sweep II and lunge III along with an accompanying smoke grenade. In tandem they seemed to complement each other. They both charged in after the fight started, though for strategy sake I started off having a smoke grenade thrown in to buff the others stealth ability. It seemed to work. However, I did not notice a huge damage difference in a standard attack verses what I thought I would get using stealth plus ambush, nor did the fight go particularly well - one bat'leth wielding BOff died and the fight took an extended bit of time, particularly when compared to stacking with comparable level ranged weapons.

At this point I'm still inclined to keep my ground-pounders ranged with one stacked with grenades (minus the smoke) and target optics, a gun slinger (with focus fire, suppressing fire, fire on my mark, and overwatch), my engineering buffer (weapons malfunction, shield recharge, equipment diagnostic, and another drone) and my medic (obvious). With my fabrication specialty, ground battles seem to over almost as soon as they start with personal shields on the entire team barely scratched.

Do I still have complaints? What kind of picky, trek/gaming nerd would I be if I didn't. The BOffs still get hung up on the most innocuous of things like wall struts (and getting beamed into a cargo bay packed with crates makes me cringe every time), they still (as said by someone earlier) run directly in any fire that's out there, they run spastically around me even if I take literally one step forward (ruins photo-opts ) and my biggest complaint: if I have them all attack the same target (via the command), they don't - at least not effectively - as I think they still get "distracted" by other enemy attacks (i.e. their aggro is pulled to the last NPC that inflicted damage upon them).

Do I see an improvement? Yes. Am I happy about this? Very much so. Do they still need to fix some very obvious and annoying problems? Most definitely. But so far, in the small amount of time that the game has gone "live" they are already making significant improvements. So a "thank you" to the devs, techs, and cryptic as a whole for making an effort. Keep it up gang.