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02-22-2010, 08:44 AM
Originally Posted by jobe1980 View Post
Thruster are broken and do not work..... 45 degree turning in space is a game killer
What? What 45deg turning? Do you mean speed? do you how much? I don't even know HOW you'd turn exactly 45 degrees in game.

Physics broken... asteroids and other free objects can't be moved, full speed into an object does nothing. only debris has physics
Watch trek, generally asteroids nad other free objects are massive enough relative to the ship that flying into them just results int he ship going blewy (which they left out for fun factor)

PVP doesn't mean battle grounds...... Absolutely no open PVP this is unheard of in Star Trek
In what star trek? This is the only start trek that would ever have the opportunity for PvP, you statement makes no sense?!

Broken mechanics
When in Star Trek, did anyone not be able to warp because they were in combat?
Why target engines of a slow ship if you can't warp out?
Yes, but in star Trek if they went to warp without first extracting themselves from combat (engines disabled, etc) their enemy could FOLLOW them, we can't, so they took out that option to keep the game fun.

Weapons are static to the owner and target(s).... no risk of jumping in front of a torpedos, beams, etc..
In a world of lag this is pretty much required, especially with the amount of graphics lag our weapons can generate on some systems.

Warping backwards and in curves.... This again NEVER happens in Star Trek
Actually, warping backwards is a major plot point in the classic TOS episode "Balance of Terror" when the romulans fire a plasama Torpedo at the Enterprise and they reverse at warp speed to escape it. Also the Premier episode of The next Generation featured the Enterprise doing a full 180deg turn at warp.

Impossible to Fail a mission!!! No Mission is fail-able, even if it says that u need to save someone or do something in time....... all missions are 100 percent passable with out risk or fail.
note... even in WOW, the escort dies if they took to much damage
This is about the only thing you say that I agree with. No risk, no real reward, IMHO.

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Edited by who? you can't do anything to our posts. This is a dumb statement.