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02-22-2010, 09:22 AM
Originally Posted by Miiru
(It's not a VM, incidentally. You're running as a native process, just with a very strange set of win32 dlls)

To expand: the default wine configuration sets up all the explorer shell folders, and the following ones are mapped into the user's home directory: Desktop, My Documents, My Pictures, My Videos, My Music. There's no firm guarantee that the target directories will exist, but the mappings will if the user hasn't moved them. All the other shell folders will point into ~/.wine/drive_c/ somewhere.

In particular, the default mapping for 'My Documents' is normally the user's home directory itself.

You can also find the root directory mapped as z:, but without talking to some real unix applications you aren't going to be able to figure out where stuff can go there. A user could find their way around it though.
thats true for standard Wine. The Wineskin wrapper used here automatically recreates/fix the correct mapping to the current user on every run... and "My Documents" goes to ~/Documents, which all OSX users have by default. Without having it do this, Wine maps things wrong on OSX... the desktop will get mapped right, but everything else just maps to the home folder.

using "mapping" is the wrong term really, which throws some confusion. Really it stores everything in its own directory structure, and the "mapping" is nothing more than symlinks in the right spots. Even drive Z that Wine sees is a symlink to /

Originally Posted by
Not yet... I am going to soon. I still have a lot of school work to do. =)
By the way, where is the uninstall button? What happens if I need to switch computers do I need to uninstall then reinstall? Thanks.
Uninstall and reinstall what?

I don't put up a version with STO in it, because STO isn't mine... I guess I could ask them if I could put the patcher inside of it so it will automatically patch and install unless you manually copy in the files... but I don't want to make it a 10gb download for the .app, and some people don't want to download the entire contents, so I thought a normal Install was better.

If you have a full working Star Trek made this way, you can zip it, then copy it to any computer you want and it should run fine, as long as your running it on a normal admin user account. Just make sure you right click it and zip it up (compress option) first... just a direct copy could come up with some permission errors.

Originally Posted by saleri_arrakis
Hi i am having the problem of the message occurring 'Couldn't create D3D device'

I was following the part of this thread where poethead had the similar problem.

I wanted to try this suggestion you wrote here but how do i look for the entry "multisampling". There is only one file in the folder Direct3D and its called default. There is only one thing i can do to this file which is 'change the value data' i have no idea what this means. How do you switch the multisampling from enabled to disabled
Multisampling will not change that error at all. The UseGLSL option might, and worth a try, which I have listed in the first post. What GPU do you have though? usually that error comes about from incompatibility problems though. If its Intel GMA graphics, like in some older Macbooks and Mac Minis (and a few older iMacs), you cannot use this.