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So I have an enemy ship down to 10% hull, and yet he still has fullt power and weapons to blast away at me? really?

I might be dreaming here and I am not sure how hard it would be to code in, but damage should count for something in a starship, loss of power, loss of speed, loss of weapons, subsystem failure..... and repair times per system at your discretion should happen as well.

It would be a lot more fun to have ship conflicts where you are actually in command, and make comaand decisions, run, fight, what ever....say you just got ambused by Undine, You weapons systems are off line, shields are down, you gotta run for it, you hide in asteriods, you dodge incoming fire, you yell at your engineer to get weapons online now (you elect to repair your weapons systems first), an enginebattery serves a purpose to get you juuuuust out of range of their incoming fire......etc....