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02-22-2010, 10:13 AM
Watch trek, generally asteroids nad other free objects are massive enough relative to the ship that flying into them just results int he ship going blewy (which they left out for fun factor)
I would have a lot more fun if I could the environment to outwit and screw up my opponents.

In what star trek? This is the only start trek that would ever have the opportunity for PvP, you statement makes no sense?!
It makes perfect sense. In Star Trek, factions have borders which are tightly patrolled. There is no such thing as "arenas". A fight takes place on the spot.

Yes, but in star Trek if they went to warp without first extracting themselves from combat (engines disabled, etc) their enemy could FOLLOW them, we can't, so they took out that option to keep the game fun.
You're absolutely right, but that only goes back to the problem mentioned above. If we could engage in battles in sector space, then the capacity to warp out during a fight wouldn't be a problem. If my opponent warped out, I'd just follow them in sector space and blow them up.

Actually, warping backwards is a major plot point in the classic TOS episode "Balance of Terror" when the romulans fire a plasama Torpedo at the Enterprise and they reverse at warp speed to escape it. Also the Premier episode of The next Generation featured the Enterprise doing a full 180deg turn at warp.
And there are episodes where situations could have been easily avoided had ships simply turned during Warp speed. These rules are always bendable in Star Trek.

Edited by who? you can't do anything to our posts. This is a dumb statement.
He was quite obviously talking about adjusting his original post according to developments in the thread.