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02-22-2010, 11:09 AM
Greetings to all who are searching for a home fleet!

I am [VKF]T'Kota, Chief Recruiting Officer for the Vulcan Kolinahr Fleet, and I would like to extend a warm personal greeting to you all. We of the VKF are actively recruiting like-minded individuals who crave the positive aspects of collaborative gameplay. We have a Ventrilo server in place, our members are world-wide, and you will always have a Fleet member available somewhere for support and group efforts. In group work, our Fleet coordination will be unparalleled, and we will decimate our enemies with dispatch. We will explore and discover everything STO has to offer, and share our findings with our Fleet members so all are enriched.

We believe in IDIC and welcome those of all races and backgrounds whether you are a new comer to the gaming world or have years of experience.

Please visit us at and see if the Vulcan Kolinahr Fleet is what you have been looking for.

Peace and Long Life.