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02-22-2010, 11:12 AM
A Challenge - 2 weeks of casual gameplay to complete the game?
Trade in consumables etc.
ship/console - modification give me 7 front cannons and watch my backside get kicked.
open pvp everywhere
total customisation
twitch/skill based combat (not target and break space bar)
Something to lose - apart from the 200 quid lifetime subscription
Increase instance sizes - make it seem more like an mmorpg
3 dimensional space/maps - ground games are inherantly 2d, space is 3d, yet it's not!
rotate universe around ship in Z axis.
stop with the popups instantly after you've destroyed ( a soon to explode and kill you) a ship
More ground expansion
Wildlife - explored the entire sector and found no animal life.
Discoveries of new systems/planets
Epic, unbeatable fleet actions which actually require engineers/cruiser tanks, science healers etc. and serious tactics
epic unbeatable ground fleet actions
(when i say unbeatable i mean weeks and weeks of fleets developing tactics to kill maim, destroy, muhahahaaa)
I could see a massive fleet action destroying a planets or systems defences step by step, and then liberating the planet with fleet ground actions...

apologies.. went on a bit.