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02-22-2010, 11:30 AM
Sigh... I try to come up with ideas and it always seem to fail three seconds later. Still a Star Trek without a First Officer is rather.... unTrek-like. I mean First Officers are the most important officer of the ship along with the Captain.

If this idea doesn't work for STO, then what does?
Well, as far as First Officers, I think the game should just allow you to assign a First Officer label to one of the BOs. Maybe that FO label gives that BO a slight ability boost over other BOs of similar rank.

You could then, possibly, expand upon the First Officer idea and have aneventual scenarios where the Captain is captured and the FO, played by the player, must lead a team down to save him/her; or the FO is captured and the Captain must save him. Beyond that, though, I don't think Cryptic wants to get too convoluted with allowing the players to focus too much on playing more then 1 character per ship. As I said above, it would be quite complicated if you have a team of people all trying to do it at the same time.