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02-22-2010, 11:34 AM
Originally Posted by karek View Post
i would, but id be more of a brooding anti hero. say all you want about batman, but chicks dig the bat. just look at the track record. the bat has several encounters with saucy lasses in tight clothing, supes on the other hand has one opinionated career driven woman, that probably can't even cook!

yes i judge a heroes worth by how much he gets laid, i am shallow and immature like that. and as you probably have guessed i don't have to high regards for aqua man's capabilities.

no offence meant after all this is just a fantasy, and if i am going to fantasize im going all the way
It was the car and the skin tight black rubber

hmmm on call 24 / 7 begrudged if you let one person fall or die.. tough choice in a world where everybody is a critic.