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02-22-2010, 11:41 AM
thats odd, you shouldn't have any problems running the game. I play on a similar machine, with a 9600GT, and GLSL must be off on mine or it crashes the game.... its not something you should need to turn on, it works fine off on most machines.

what do you see on your screen when this error comes up? Can you grab a screenshot of it?

The only reason you should have a problem like that is if you were running the main game through the installer, because the screen sin't set up right doing it that way. Maybe you don't have it installed exactly right.

let me tell you how i installed it

i first got Wineskin RC7, then through wineskin i ran the installer from my DVD, the game installed. then i tried to use Wineskin to start the game but a black screen just appeared

Then i realized how wineskin actually worked so i found this thread and downloaded the wrapper. Now through the wrapper i select the 'Star Trek Online exe'. The launcher loads, i click engage then the error comes up.

Thats how i run the game, i click on the wrapper icon i downloaded from this thread then i click 'install star trek online' then go into the applications where i placed the star trek online exe, click it and then the launcher loads, hit engage...then the error appears