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02-22-2010, 01:15 PM
Well FyreRaven... you got some points there. Either the XO have his bridge officer skills and perhaps one extra skill due to his position (aka First Officer skills) or he should be able to wear kits. And perhaps the FO could be the only officer that can be given the rank of Captain once the player is a Rear Admiral (although Captain as a First Officer will be quite a first, unless there are some exceptions in the series).

As for a universal FO slot.. hmm... an FO bridge station slot would be making sense, since you can only have one FO. Also... it should be costing alot of Merits to get a First Officer, then alot of Merits to rank up him up to Captain once the player is a Rear Admiral. Perhaps the ships dont have an universal FO slot and must be installed at a cost of Merits (and pehaps a heft admount of Energy Credits) before it can be used and this must be done per ship. It would help players to spend Merit points that otherwise wont be used. You get alot of Merits in the game. I myself as a Rear Admiral almost got 40k merits unspent.