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02-22-2010, 12:56 PM
Originally Posted by WEII
why would you buy a bo. after a while you'll end up with so many rare bo in your assigment screen simply by these "i want to join you" missions.

i got a dozen rare bo already and i am only a captain. i suppose only 2 or 3 of them are humans.

The discussion was about "Very Rare" Humans, not the Rare ones, There are four levels of rarity,
White, Green, Blue, and Pink. You get many Blues, not many Pinks.

As far as why the pricing is so high I think there are a few reasons, the humans do have benefits for certain play styles. to just write off anyone who is not exactly like you as being stupid seems a little immature.

One main reason they are so high, is that right now BOs are the only thing in the game that is trade able and limited. you cant just get all you want by blasting away at things. When you stop leveling you get no more BO's. If you want more, then you must start a new char and get it to high levels for a few more chances for a Pink.

If you want humans for whatever reason your odds are not good of just earning them, so the only other option is the exchange.

Besides, as you level up its so easy to make money, and you really don't have to buy anything. The best weapons and gear are earned with the marks, medals and badges. What good is walking around with a few million in energy credits? They are useless for anything but buying BO's if you are doing missions for rewards.