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02-22-2010, 02:04 PM
Originally Posted by saleri_arrakis

let me tell you how i installed it

i first got Wineskin RC7, then through wineskin i ran the installer from my DVD, the game installed. then i tried to use Wineskin to start the game but a black screen just appeared

Then i realized how wineskin actually worked so i found this thread and downloaded the wrapper. Now through the wrapper i select the 'Star Trek Online exe'. The launcher loads, i click engage then the error comes up.

Thats how i run the game, i click on the wrapper icon i downloaded from this thread then i click 'install star trek online' then go into the applications where i placed the star trek online exe, click it and then the launcher loads, hit engage...then the error appears
the installer is only for runnign the setup.exe downloaded or off the DVD.

You have an already installed and ready to run version of Star Trek Online, so you need to follow the directions about moving it from Windows or upgrading from an older wrapper.

Basically you need to move the game folder to the right spot inside the Star Trek, and then when its in the right place, you'll be able to just double click Star Trek and play.