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02-22-2010, 02:40 PM
Originally Posted by Slamz
I have to say I don't understand Cryptic's hesitance in wanting to have discussions with the community.

It's like they're the local chef and rather than ask us if we would like baked beans as a side dish, they just show up with it one day and act surprised when they find out that none of us like baked beans. Could'a saved a lot of time and effort by just giving us a heads up in the design phase.
Quite simple. It's their business model. We are not nor shall we likely ever be a priority. The Feds get listened to we do not. Look at all the content the Feds got. Look at the requests that were almost immediately said yes to. When's the last time they did something for thr Klingons that was a fix exclusive for Klingons that actually mattered? How many nerf calls has Cryptic listened to from us? How many from the Feds?

Companies are many things stupid is not one of them. Consumers need to realize this. It's not that they are baffled by the idea that they should ask their customers what they want as a side dish. It's that they don't have to. They know the majority might hate beans but they'll go and keep on throwing money at the chef to eat them just as long as the manager comes out every few months and assures you that you are a valued customer and they are listening to your ideas.

Cryptic knows exactly what they are doing. It's worked since we invented currency and it will work till the Second Coming.