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02-22-2010, 07:06 PM
every reply to a dev post has some lamn ideas for patching come on uniforms and bo stuff has nothing to do with game play. Also for the last time they are in pst time zone and lowest server load community wide is 3-5am sorry that you lose two hours at least they have made the game so stable that the server only crashes on a rare bug not everyday 2 or 3 times a day like it was early on.They have done a wonderful job on fixing and adding content with all the pressure they are under. cut them some slack and keep cryptic keep up the good work.

and if someone wants to start quoting me and has something lame to add grow some balls contact me in game. the devs have better things to do than have the little troll boys cry day in and day out. this is not wow this is not eve. this is StarTrek online if you dont like the way they work for the good of the server than jump ship go back to playing wow and eve you sucked there and cried there so bug off and keep the posts postive to the devs.

Thanks again Devs for not getting distressed over little troll posters have a great week and lets kick the borg where it hurts -/\-