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The Game: Everybody loves asteroids! Navigate the probe through the level with the arrow keys, firing with space key, to destroy the enemy viruses while leaving healthy tissue alone.

You should be quick though, as the viruses will infect healthy tissue and send it after your probe! Also to note, this might be a good opportunity for co-operative minigame play, with other players taking care of their own infected areas and then coming to your aid if they get done before you do.

The Allegory: Dr. Crusher did it. The Emergency Medical Hologram on Voyager did it. Now you can too! Use a medical nanoprobe to eliminate a Borg infection by flying around inside a patient's bloodstream. This example uses Borg nanoviruses, but a small art change would turn the scenario into something purely biological.


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The Game: This is a riff on the oh-so-addicting puzzle game "Bejeweled" - or more specifically, "Bejeweled Twist." You have glyphs of various colors that you need to put in a sequence of at least three to make a set. The trick is that you do this by rotating a 2x2 set of glyphs clockwise. There are possibilities for combos and the like.

In this iteration, it might be so that once a set is created those pieces are "off the board" and you cannot use those slots to rotate other pieces into anymore. This would require some work in designing playable maps, but could make for an interesting variation on the theme.

The Allegory: How does the Universal Translator work, anyway? Well, from the little I understand about linguistics and Star Trek Technobabble, it uses a set of pre-coded phonemes, language patterns and cultural anthropology databases to detect recognizable patterns in new dialects and translate them in near real time.

But sometimes it doesn't work right or sometimes it needs a hand. You can join the company of officers like Captain Picard and practice xenoanthropology on ancient alien ruins that you come across in your travels. See some ancient alien ruins and need to know if it's a weapons silo or daycare center? Whip out your translation matrix to find out!

Perfect for science officers looking to for ancient worlds explore or engineering officers looking for ancient technology to loot.