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02-23-2010, 12:36 AM
In response to the original post:

These are Jackalope's most recent posts. I suspect he is merely busy with his real job/role, which is probably not PR/OCR (Public Relations, Online Community Relations respectively).

I think the biggest problem with STO at the moment is its lack of PR/marketing, or rather, that Cryptic is forced to do both development and PR/marketing but does not have the resources for both. This has led to poor management of customer expectations. Keeping customers informed, such as using a running development roadmap, is basic to customer satisfaction.

The biggest question that Klingon players should be answering is, would you have been happier without a Klingon faction at all until it was more reasonably fleshed out?

This question was raised during Beta but Cryptic decided that it would be better to release with 2 factions instead of just 1, even if 1 of them was barely developed at all.

Is that decision hurting the game more than if the opposite decision were taken?

In my opinion, a PR/marketing department should have researched that question and answer far more deeply before making the decision. Of course, time constraints were still imposed by management (CBS and Atari), so perhaps even the most dedicated and funded PR/marketing team would not have been able to answer this properly within the time given.

So the only thing we players can do at the moment is sit and wait for the promised content. We can and should continue to provide feedback, but I suspect they already have all the feedback they need at this point. They merely need time to address our feedback.