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02-23-2010, 01:29 AM
I had a dream last night that Zombies had invaded my neighborhood, and were eating everybody.
So I went and got my Chinese Broadsword, and started to like totally go medieval China all up on they're zombie asses.
After fighting the horde, and joining up with my local fire department, it was learned that one family in far east Texas had an infected man, whom if you drank his blood it would make you human again.
For some reason along the way I fell in love with a beautiful woman, who would at some times be plainly visible, and at others sort of out of focus. As if she was fading out of reality and into a sort of limboish hell.

After we arrived at the house, it was discovered that the whole idea about the man with a cure for blood was a lie; and then most of the fire fighters got ate up, zombified, and tried to attack me. I woke up right before I attempted to decapitate the first one of the fire fighters who I had fought along side as brothers.

So what does this dream mean?