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02-23-2010, 03:54 AM
Any interested people should first fill our an Application on our Fleet Website, you can access thru my sig below. After filling out a short app, be sure to bookmark our site so you can check back later in the day or so, because you will have a PM waiting for you most likely from me, explaining what needs to be done next, so we can get you processed and joined up in the fleet. We have ALOT of apps, so please don't expect us to track you down in game, it's much easier for you to just come on our vent, and we'll get you all hooked up.

You can look for ColonBurns, Ansil, or Wrath on our vent, and they will make things as painless as possible. If you don't see any of these guys on vent, just hangout for a while, surely one of them will be on soon. Our guys are pretty cool, I'm sure they will make you feel welcome. I got alot going on, so even if you find me on, and the other guys aren't around, I'll put aside what I'm doing if I can to chat with you a while.

Thanks again for your interest in -DRS-