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02-23-2010, 06:51 AM
Originally Posted by MJLogan75 View Post
First of all, the Original series uniforms were one shirt, just in different colors. Second of all, I've seen the pants. They are tucked into the boots, and those aren't the wrath of Khan pants (which I have). So they did give you the complete Original Series costume, and there were women on TOS that wore pants. Majel Barrett in her first appearance for example. They added the skirt later, but they did add it. So what you're really complaining about is that Cryptic heard the wishes of it's players as voiced on the forums and pushed that concern to the front of the development list even over actual bug fixes. As for the post you refer to, no one knows what their engine can and cannot do until they work with it. Anything else is, at best, an educated guess.
Really now

Hum seems to me both women AND Kirk have different designs then Spock Trek Online