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02-23-2010, 11:25 AM
Originally Posted by Abrexus
This is an important point many people fail to take into account. This is a business just like the contractor who is hired to build an office. He has a contract in place with time constraints and penalties if he does not finish on time. I am quite sure a similar process was put into place for this game.

For those who feel the game is lacking in content, then simply wait to purchase it or cancel your subscription until such time as you think the content is up to your standards.

the only other choice would have been to delay the launch of the game, in which case nobody would get to play and the company loses money.
I do agree that Crytic had a unreasonable deadline in finishing this game. But they absorbed responsibility for this failure when they made the decision to make the game under the publishers rules. When you accept a contract you accept the rules of the contract.