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Originally Posted by DeLancie View Post
Keep in mind, that in both the episodes and in the fiction that dealt with time travel and alternate timelines, each were dependent on a specific set of circumstances/decisions. In this case, the Romulan Empire was overrun due to those sets of decisions...meaning, that isn't a set scenario for the Romulan Star Empire. This timeline could easily still see a RSE that pulls itself out of its own political turmoil, and become a super-power once again.

Just some thoughts...

You are right but if you read some of Titan books you will find out that that Romulans are struggling to stay in control. Also the possible Klingon Remen alliance is not helping. Thatís the reason I'm saying that the Romulan empire might collapse because there is an internal power struggle and the growing concern of the Klingon & Remen alliance. Which by the way worries Star Fleet as well so they had the Titan dispatched to deal with the issue under the command of Cpt. Riker