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02-23-2010, 10:47 AM
Originally Posted by mithie
The reason Star Trek Online is a mediocre game is because it's a mediocre game.

It's not because Cryptic is out to get your 15 dollars a month and then trying their damnedest to screw you over again.

Cryptic employees are not evil.

They're not trying to subvert the MMO industry.

The Cryptic CEO is not sitting in his office, reading your 10 page complaint about TOS SKIRTS, twirling his mustache, and going "Haw Haw, I shall NEVER implement such skirts! Now, watch me kill this kitten. "

The reason STO is a mediocre game is because of a tight deadline and the rash, hasty decisions that the design team is forced to make under such circumstances.

It's a bad situation, and both Cryptic and the player base are trying to deal with it, because neither wants the product to fail.

It's fine to criticize the game, but every single time I read a post with the word "Apologist" or "fanboi" slung around, it really grates my nerves.

Even worse - when the criticism strays far from the product - developer boundary and straight out goes for the developers' throats. Hell, I've seen death threats against Cryptic employees being thrown around (by that self-proclaimed army-dude, no less) and it just boggles my mind that you people have the time and energy do to this.

Please, stop the conspiracies.

Cryptic is an average development studio dealing with an unreasonable set of constraints from the Publisher. It has limited resources, limited personel, and limited time. The reason Cryptic hasn't addressed your complaint yet is NOT because they're out to get you and the free world with their fascist ideologies, it's because their fuzzy prioritization logic placed said issue in the back of their queue.

There's no conspiracy here. Just a bunch of average Joes like you and like me stuck with a bad situation under constraints they cannot control.

If you disapprove, then I encourage you to vote with your money and cancel your subscription. But personally attacking Cryptic employees is probably not something you'd look back with approval years down the road.

The only thing you needed was
"Cryptic is an average development studio"

That's the main statement right there. ST is just to big of a project.