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02-23-2010, 12:04 PM
Originally Posted by mithie
The reason STO is a mediocre game is because of a tight deadline and the rash, hasty decisions that the design team is forced to make under such circumstances.

It's a bad situation, and both Cryptic and the player base are trying to deal with it, because neither wants the product to fail.

Cryptic is an average development studio dealing with an unreasonable set of constraints from the Publisher. It has limited resources, limited personel, and limited time.
I honestly feel bad for the code monkeys (meant affectionately not as an insult) that worked long hours the last two years doing their best to make this game in those unrealistic windows, but unfortunately (for them)...not my problem.

Cryptic's HMFIC shouldn't have taken the IP with such a ridiculously tight schedule. Since they only had time to make half a game, if they only charged half normal retail price and half normal monthly sub fee, then maybe I'd cut them some slack. Maybe in 6 months if the game isn't on life support by then, it will be worth subbing to. Right now IMO it's not. Good luck to those of you staying.