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Some of use hate Sector space. Some dislike it. Some don't care. One thing I think most people can agree about is it sure is colorful. When you're in Romulan space everything's green. Fly back home and everything's blue (well, if you're a Fed).

Once the Romulans are added as a playable faction (and perhaps the Cadassians down the road), you could easily use those "colors" to represent Sector control. You could implement a massive scale Player vs. Player system where Sector control moves between the major players of the galaxy and this is represented in Sector Space by the "color" moving and taking sectors. The Romulans pushing into Federation territory? Suddenly a Blue Federation sector turns Green. Klingons are attacking the Romulan flank? A Romulan sector turns Red.

This would require a lot of though to implement, and like in **** there would be bases protecting the Sectors that a Fleet/Fleets would have to successfully overrun/destroy. Imagine a Klingon Fleet sweeping into Federation territory and fighting a huge NPC/PC fleet defending a Sector base. The Klingons successfully beam down assault teams onto the base and after an hour of fierce combat take the base over rather then having to destroy it.

There's a LOT of possibilities. You would also have to create bonuses/negatives for winning/losing sectors to keep things interesting or there would be no point in attacking (other then pwning your enemy). Bonuses could be anything for "If your race controls sector A, B, C (an entire area) then they get a chance of having random item drops that get an additional +5 bonus to some ability, or of they control A,B,C & D of a different sector only THEY can explore a certain area of unexplored space that is known to drop some rare items.

There is a LOT of potential here.