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02-23-2010, 11:37 AM
Originally Posted by Mikotren
No code or pictures?
just concept art?

I'm gonna go with this- There was a lot more done than cryptic let on.
I kinda like the mission window and colored icons better, in a way.
My favorite is the login screen.
Clearly cryptic used nothing from perpetual

Also Cryptic were the ones touting the "genesis system" and their ability to produce mmos' in 18-24 month cycles.
Even by your own admission (i.e. "it just needs more time") it's not competitive with other mmo's.

It could be in development for 2 hours for all i care, I'm just interested in it being worth my 15$ a month.
WOW! STO should have looked like this! It looks less cartooney as well. I'm in love with that Tahoe class ship, why didn't STO use those ship designs, the Phoenix class looks amazing!