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Originally Posted by JJR512 View Post
Then I started thinking...That doesn't really seem to be how escorts are intended to fight. At least, not to me. The narrow 45-degree firing arc of cannons is very limiting. It seems that with such a narrow arc of effective fire, one would have to either try very hard to stay on one side of the target, or else fly past it then quickly turn around. I know escorts can turn quickly, but during this part, your firepower would be very limited.
Bring that much firepower to bear on a target, and you won't have to overfly it or turn around for a second attack. If you did it right, you don't have to turn at all. If you botched something, you'll have to turn to avoid the secondary explosion, but with the right equipment, traits and Boff abilities, more than one pass is a rarity in PvE. In PvP it's nigh impossible to pick any one shield facing and stay on it, unless your target for some strange reason doesn't see you pounding his port or starboard side, but in PvE, minor annoyances like "turning" are unneccessary. (This becomes more readily apparent the higher level you get, but even the basic escort should be punching big holes through stuff on the first pass if your doing episodes and missions your level)

As was mentioned, the tradeoff for gameplay vs. canon purposes was that narrow arc weapons do more damage per second than wide arc weapons of the same level. Escorts being the only ship type that can outfit the narrowest arc cannons means the head-on attack is the single best way for an escort to ensure his target dies quickly and it is intentional. At RA I've got 3 DHC's up front with a quantum. I run a few varieties of loadouts in the back for testing, but so far, the turrets work the best for an overpowering straight-ahead alpha strike. I keep Boffs with dispersal patterns and mine launchers on hand in my inventory, but the only time I've ever needed to consistently overfly something (Because it was powerful, not because I messed something up :p ) was a Borg Cube in what is currently end-game episodes.

The Downside to multiple turrets in the aft slots is it is a HUGE power drain, but there are traits, abilities and consoles that can alleviate alot of that, so experiment, have fun, but play your class and ship the way you want, not neccessarily the way someone in Zone chat (or the forums) tells you. Maybe you'll figure out a new way of doing things we haven't thought of yet.