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02-23-2010, 11:59 AM
Originally Posted by Hagon View Post
You do know how many development houses out there have absolutely no clue about "raising their bottom line" right? How many development houses go under, with some going under before they ever even really get off the ground?

Just hanging your sign out don't make you a doctor mate. The people that shelled out their hard earned dough for a lifetime sub to Tabula Rasa would probably like to sit you down and have a chat to wake you up so you can smell the coffee.

It always amazes me how people figure because someone slaps a mmo dev tag on they must drip pearls of wisdom about mmos. As evidenced by the dismal failures of some very high profile games in recent years, I'd say when they fail to listen to the right segments of their community, and only listen to those sucking up them and stroking their egos, more often than not they're dripping something else, and it don't smell very good.

.....Because after all , the financial decisions are made by the devs amirite? Honestly it seems like you forgot to read my posts. Jackalope and his ilk are little more than mouthpieces. They do a little song and dance to make you think Cryptic gives a damn and you'll keep giving them money.

Read the post. If you have already read it again.