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02-23-2010, 12:07 PM
Originally Posted by GeckoOBac View Post
Depends... Shield balancing is quite hard to test. What is for sure is that shield power only increases the regen of the shields, so going with covariant may be good for short fights but you'll probably end up worse with a longer one. In a science ship though you'd probably want a covariant shield anyway since you get a huge bonus to shield hp and so you're going to run with a lot of shield repair abilities.

Honestly in higher tiers NPCs (and players) do so much damage that shields are going down all the time anyway. I run with regeneratives on my cruiser because even when they go down they pop up with big chunks of life that work very well as a buffer against torpedoes. Also, regen works equally on all shields, so, as long as the shields are not full, regenerative imho gets the best out of equalizing since you get hp to share even in the quarters that aren't damaged.

In the end for equalizing it's a problem of whether the covariants have enough buffer to share among shields to outlive the regenerative shield gain on all facings. I went from resilient shields to regenerative (resilients already have more regen than covariant) and noticed such a great increase in survivability I could hardly believe it.
Interesting - it's definitely something to think about...