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02-23-2010, 03:25 PM
Have you tried taking on a pack of Bird of Prey's with your escort mate? With the cannon-turret loadout (and rapid fire BO power If you don't hae that you are gimping yourself) Its very easy to take down two of them before you overshoot the third from the initial approach. Try cutting your speed to half impulse once you get to the 7k mark, your cannons will start doing their max dammage at about 5-3k so pounding from 7k is a good starting point (anything before 7k does bugger all really I've noticed) If you pop any other damage increasing buffs you have you shouldn't have a problem popping two before you reach them. chuck your speed back to full as you pass get 5k or so distance cut speed to half and turn around to repeat. in both the Saber and the akira I havent had a problem with this setup. Though admitedly the turret isn't needed for it to work, it just adds that little more lethality to the forward arc. For my akira I've actually got two beams in the rear slots and beam overload on my ensign tac officer so I can punch them with the overload as I get distance my weapon power usually returns by the time I've swung back around to fire the cannons again.