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02-23-2010, 03:42 PM
I play mainly cruisers, but in my T4 escort, I have 2 DHC's, a torpedo launcher and a beam array up front, and a torpedo launcher and another beam array aft.

Using this set up, I get into weapons range, drop speed to half to 1/4 impulse, launch a torpedo (HYT or Spread depending on situation), and bear down with cannons until I start getting too close to my target. I then open up full throttle and break away and get in a broadside with my 2 beams, fire off my aft torpedo while getting some range, spin around to face the target and drop my throttle again.

It's a LOT more throttle jockeying and shield reinforcement than circle strafing in a cruiser, but just as effective.

PS. It would help a LOT if there was a chase camera view (camera locked behind the ship facing forward), especially in escorts since they play a lot more like fighters and less like capitol ships.